In the early days of her artistic life, Prague-born artist Alena Carvalho had a passion for painting architecture, but as time went on her focus turned to veryday life lived out in an urban environment. She is fascinated by the effect that the weather and varied light has on the urban landscape and how it dictates the mood of a scene and is particularly fond of snow and its ability to transform an ordinary street into winter wonderland.
Alena's mesmerising cityscapes use a limited palette to convey the atmosphere of a scene. She loves to explore various mediums and tools to express different ideas although her preference is for acrylics. She spends many hours experimenting with new ideas and techniques in her studio - a pastime which she finds both exciting and frustrating, saying "It is the unpredictability of the creative process and the outcome that stimulates me."
Alena began painting as a teenager with highly detailed and realistic miniatures. Ironically she shied away from anything on a larger scale, yet she has become renowned for her large scale high-impact works. A mother of two, she is now based in the Home Counties and has her studio at home.
"Prague, where I was born, features in my paintings but now London is the city I paint more than anywhere else. I've been inspired by lots of places I've visited throughout Europe and have always been drawn to the quiet side streets of towns and cities, rather than painting the landmarks."