Antonio's vibrant abstract expressionist works come from the creative mind of a truly liberated artist who works on the principle that "imagination is more important than knowledge; knowledge is limited, imagination is endless."
He grew up listening to music and drumming in bands, always knowing that music would be a huge part of this future. He has enjoyed a successful career as a music producer, working with many of the biggest names in the industry from Pink to Kanye West. His love affair with art also began early on in life; in those days, it was mainly the natural world which inspired him - flowers, rocks, sand and water - with their innate beauty, free flowing lines and lack of formality or symmetry. These two influences have combined in artwork of great visual power and emotional impact.
Antonio describes his work as abstract expressionism, as he expresses his mood and emotions through the very act of applying the paint to the canvas in response to pieces of music; his influences and inspirations range from classic rock to modern day rap. He comes to his blank canvas with no preconceptions in an attempt to create freely with no boundaries, no rules, no judgement and most of all, no fear.
With the music playing he begins each new painting with charcoal, then adds random strokes of colour and allows his composition to respond to the rhythm of the music unpredictably and intuitively. He uses an unexpected array of tools including kitchen utensils and sticks, and finishes each work with resin. He finds it hugely rewarding to explore new concepts and combinations and "taking risks on canvas."
Antonio's work has been shown at galleries all over the world, most recently at the Catania in Arte Sicily and Miami Art Spectrum USA, and, a triumph, at the Louvre in Paris. His work was also featured in the first ever art exhibition in the stunning, newly renovated Gustave Eiffel Room at the Eiffel Tower. His status in the USA has long been established but since his UK debut he has been named Best New Artist 2014 by the Fine Art Trade Guild and has won the Effetto Arte Award 2014 at the Italian Biennale.