Born in Portsmouth in 1963, Dawn set out to pursue a career in art from an early age. After obtaining an HND in Textile Design from West Sussex College, she went on to study Ceramic Design in North London before becoming a full-time professional artist.
Dawn has travelled extensively throughout Europe and has now settled in France. She cites the Loire Valley as the greatest source of inspiration for both her fine art paintings and her ceramic designs, with its abundance of delicate wild flowers framed against a backdrop of gently undulating countryside. A recent trip to India has also proved an invaluable experience giving her a host of new ideas to work with.
Dawn’s latest collection of limited editions explore a simple yet atmospheric floral theme which skilfully combines subtle background hues with delicate foreground detail. She is currently experimenting with new textures, creating subtle highlights with the application of gold and silver leaf, and we eagerly await her future creations.
"Everything starts and ends with nature. I just try to capture what happens in between."