The ethereal bronze sculptures of Imogen Palmer combine the qualities of classical elegance with contemporary style. Despite the gracious lines and traditional choice of medium, these exquisite figures call to mind the modern beauties of the new millennium rather than the more formal artistic figures of a bygone age.

Imogen was born in London in 1980 into a world dominated by art. Her mother was a talented painter and sculptress who worked only to private commissions for her own pleasure, spending most of her time with her three young children. Her father was a music historian, and the family spent many happy summers travelling around Europe attending concerts and opera, and learning about the world. While her brothers were shepherded around scores of galleries, protesting all the way, Imogen was mesmerised by the art she was shown in the Uffizi, the Prado and the Louvre, and her artistic education was given a strong foundation.

After completing a degree in Fine Art, Imogen embarked on a journey of her own, travelling the world for two years before settling in Paris. Here she undertook to study drawing, painting and sculpture while supporting herself with a combination of jobs. As time passed she began to sell her work into some of the city's smaller independent galleries and gradually built herself a reputation as an exciting young sculptress.

Imogen now divides her time between Paris and London, and her work is shown in galleries and private collections across Europe.