Jacquie's bold, high-impact canvases bring together the influences of a long and varied professional career in advertising, illustration, graphic design and teaching. Her artwork is reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein; stunning, immediate and carrying strong short messages which hover around the edges of our consciousness long after we have seen them. Her style owes much to the working methods of her early career as her time in advertising was at the tail end of the era of magic markers, gouache and hand lettering. She is comfortable using computers but still believes in good drawing skills and loves a 'hands-on' approach and traditional methods.

Born in Jarrow in the North East in 1965, Jacquie describes herself as a constant childhood scribbler. She graduated from Lincolnshire College of Art and Design in 1987 having studied illustration and graphic design and went to London to pursue a career in the advertising industry. Her job taught her invaluable lessons about working to tight deadlines and, she says, how to draw quickly.

Jacquie returned to Jarrow when she got married, and after the birth of her two sons she spent ten years teaching Graphic Design and Illustration at Newcastle College of Art and Design, remaining active in freelance illustration with storyboard work. She began painting in 2002 and found immediate success with her iconic canvases in exhibitions in Newcastle. Moving into her first studio in 2004 prompted her to leave teaching to concentrate on her personal fine art work and she likens this move to almost starting from scratch.

She has since enjoyed developing her style and fine art practice alongside regular educational workshops and art projects with local school children and has had successful exhibitions in London and the north. Here recent work has been acquired by clients including GQ magazine, Adidas, Instyle Magazine and Toyota, and her stunning fine art box canvases are winning her a dedicated collector base in the UK and beyond.