James's immense talent, appealing style and confident brushwork have made him one of the UK's most highly acclaimed landscape artists. After graduation with a degree in art history, his great love of music spurred him on to embark on a European Rock tour. During those months on the road he sketched avidly, and it was this experience that led him to conclude that painting was his first love although he still plays rock and blues at every opportunity. Despite his years of experience, he is still inspired by the sheer beauty of the countryside around him, and he has a tremendous eye for interpreting scenes of rural Britain.
Working on location James likes to produce a variety of preliminary sketches before finally capturing a piece; this attention to detail gives his work a unique accuracy and realism.
James has become a major figure on the Japanese art scene where his highly sought after originals command high prices.
"It is the beauty of rain drenched pathways and the patterns created by raindrops falling into puddles and streams that continually drives my imagination."