Janet finds inspiration in her surroundings and environment. The landscape of her North American home is the subject of her personal and atmospheric pastel compositions, whether it appears in the form of a landscape, a seascape, an abstract, or within the more detailed parameters of a floral piece. By creating a haze or slight blur to selected objects she deliberately portrays the scene as the eye sees it rather than with the clear definition that comes with the use of a camera lens, which gives a wholly individual interpretation to each stunning image.

Growing up in a family that was very artistic, it is not surprising that Janet loved drawing. She and her brothers and sisters were encouraged to have ongoing art projects all year long by her architect father, who was an artist in his free time. As the children have become adults, they are all involved in artistic endeavors from carving to sculpture.

Janet lives an almost idyllic rural existence with her artist husband John. They work together every day, and for them it is the perfect partnership because they compliment one another so well. Now that their three children are grown up they concentrate on their two great loves; creating artwork and raising and training horses.

Their country home in Michigan has proved a major source of inspiration for the artist. By studying the way the landscapes flow together, and closely following the changing of the seasons, she creates small vignettes of tranquility. She uses the medium of pastels as she finds this allows her to achieve the naturalistic effect she pursues in her work. Because the pastels allow her subtlety of line, with communication by suggestion rather than through meticulous details, they lend themselves more readily to her free and unfettered style.

Janet's work has been exhibited for over 30 years from New York to California and she has fulfilled commissions for both private and public clients all over the USA and Canada. Her lectures and articles on art and artists have been published in many prestigious American journals, and her long and impressive list of awards and accolades confirms her status one of the United States' most collectable artists.

"My work is like a dance or a conversation in my head, which I express through my art."