Josep Pla's romantic coastal visions are inspired by the sea, the shore, the boats, but most of all the atmosphere of his home near Barcelona. European travel has also had an influence on his work, and he has visited Devon and Cornwall several times. Like many artists before and since he has become enraptured with the light and atmosphere, and conveys it to stunning effect in his work.
Josep paints with great passion and his work overflows with sensations, emotions, impressions and reflections, yet retains an ever-present quality of tranquillity. He regards his work as "an exploration of the poetic spirit", and uses scenes from life and from his imagination.
A quiet and hardworking man, he spends most evenings in his studio. His distinctive impasto technique involves the use of a precise spatula tool to apply a thick layer of oil paint which creates an unusually textured, tactile result. This direct application of bold colour gives great strength to the chromatic impression of his paintings, and often lends a dream-like feel to the finished image.
Josep was born in MatarĂ³, Barcelona in 1959 and still lives there with his wife, Montse, and their two children. From a very early age he loved drawing and painting and began attending lessons at the age of twelve where his interest in land and seascapes began to evolve. In 1973 he joined the studio Antoni Ayre where he studied until 1979 and in 1984 he became a member of the Reial Cercle Artistic of Barcelona and exhibited there until 1998. His work is now on show at the prestigious Caja Madridin, the Place Cataluna of Barcelona, and various collections all across Europe.