Executed in an innovative fusion of mixed media, Kate's distinctive images juxtapose conventional and traditional elements to stunning effect. Defying any attempt to pigeon hole her extraordinary work, she summons familiar harbour scenes with the use of an unexpected array of materials and great technical dexterity. Her background in textile design has given her the ability to exploit a wide variety of media, which combine to give her work a fresh, dynamic feel.
Kate was born in Cornwall in 1970, into a family of successful artists. After completing an Art Foundation course in Plymouth, she went on to graduate with a BA Honours Degree in Fashion/Textiles Design. Since then she has developed and flourished creatively as an artist, moving from her beginnings as a knitwear and textiles designer to her present position as a fine artist.
Working from photographs, sketches and memory Kate creates beautiful images based on scenes from the Devon and Cornwall coastlines. She has an abiding passion for colour, fabric and texture which is key to her unique collages. She uses handmade paper, card, cotton, denim, and silks, all hand cut, torn, frayed, shredded and burnt to create an image executed with precision. Other materials found within the pictures are often sourced and collected on walks in and around the actual location such as lichen, bark or feathers. Using these organic materials adds an authentic quality to her work.
"The excitement of discovering new materials is immense. I am always seeing alternative things within, them such as denim and feathers for the sea and crashing waves. If you look closely and study a leaf or a piece of bark it becomes so many other things, a rugged cliff or a field for example. The colours and textures are already there. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary". It is this innovative approach, attention to detail and the intricate application of the materials that make her work so unusual and exclusive.
Kate has fulfilled numerous commissions and has had work exhibited at various exhibitions and galleries throughout the Southwest, including open exhibitions at the St. Ives Society of Fine Artists and The Southwest Academy of Fine Art.