With her jagged edged lines and thick texture, Lucy's high-impact oil paintings demand interaction from the audience, and the temptation to touch them can be overwhelming. She carefully and affectionately selects her favourite corners of Europe and gives us a highly detailed and distinctively coloured view of these historic locations that we have never seen before.

Born in Russia, Lucy has had a varied and fascinating artistic career. She is a graduate of the University of Design (Russia) and has had several international publications, patents and certificates of inventions in the design industry. As well as being a member of the Union of Russian Designers, she has published many art manuals for students.

Lucy's vision of the world is less than conventional, with leaning buildings and synthetic skies creating the impression on the viewer of inhabiting a dream or perhaps a highly contemporary film set. She has participated in a vast range of national and international shows and her works are exhibited in the Museums of Arts and many private collections.