The contemporary landscape paintings of Michael Tienhaara have a unique freshness that has captivated an international audience. His distinctive style transcends traditional impressionism, but his works have a haunting quality of ethereal stillness that transports the viewer to a different dimension.

Michael often states that impressionist landscape painters fall into one of two categories: experiential or fantastic. Experiential painters are "gatherers." The source of their inspiration is the culmination of their visual experiences. Fantasy painters, however, create imagery from their mind, their imagination, embellishing the imagery for effect and emotional impact. Michael uses a blend of each with a greater emphasis on the fantasy component. The execution of his paintings comes from the mind in what Michael often refers to as "planned expressionistic accidents" from stored images of scenes he has observed in nature and embellished with the use of his own imagination.

Originally from Portland, Oregon and a graduate of Portland State University, Michael began concentrating on his art in the late 1980's. Always the experimenter and innovator, he has worked in a variety of styles ranging from highly abstract expressionism to "loose impressionism. My style is a moving target. I paint what I feel, allowing the paint to flow, rather than working in a particular structured style."

Michael's work has sold nationally and internationally to galleries, dealers, art auctioneers, private, corporate collectors, and on national television. He now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.