Neil is forging an enviable reputation as a still life painter for his small-scale, earthy representations of solitary fruit, bottles and jars. His distinctive approach places these objects within a carefully structured setting, creating an organic and vibrant composition with an intense sense of light and depth.
Born in 1977 in Berwick upon Tweed, Neil was always desperate to be an artist and enrolled in art college to study fine art. He quickly became disillusioned by the emphasis on conceptual ideas and felt he was not learning in terms of technique or skill. He set out to work on his own, but on the strength of an exhibition in New York he was accepted into Studio Escalier, a communal classical art school in the South of France. Although brief, this was an intense period of learning and growth which had a profound effect on Neil, and on his return to England he began a successful career as an artist.
Initially Neil concentrated on portraiture and worked on still life to train his observational abilities. Soon however he found that these paintings were in fact portraits in themselves, holding mystery, and having a definite character. He began to concentrate less and less on figures until he accepted that still life was a more fascinating and rewarding genre to him personally.
Neil's highly desirable work has been shown or sold at an impressive array of venues including the National Portrait Gallery in London, the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, and London's Mall Galleries with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, and is already making an impact on the market.
"Painting, for me, is a journey towards understanding - a quest for knowledge and an ongoing struggle to understand nature and to decipher the effects of light on the world around. I try to paint as honestly as I can and bring out some element of truth and beauty of the subject."