The beautiful figurative work of Oksana Leadbitter aims to capture a moment in time and to portray the emotions of her individual subject, expressing a story through the eyes, body movement, shadows or light. Her paintings are designed to be interactive, encouraging the observer to engage in a visual conversation with the subject of each mesmerising portrait.

Born in Budapest in 1974, Oksana is the daughter of a Russian artist who taught her to paint from a young age. At 11 she was offered a place at the Lithuanian State School of Fine Art for Gifted Children, which gave her a comprehensive grounding in the techniques of fine art. She learned the skills of watercolour, oil painting, sculpture and charcoal and was lucky enough to be taught by some of the most celebrated artists in the country.

In 1998 Oksana moved to London to expand her artistic horizons and reach out to a more universal audience. Over the years she has produced art for many private clients, galleries, hotels, offices and design companies. She has fulfilled large commissions of 30 and 40 paintings for such institutions as the Vilnius Hotel, the Santakos Hotel and Bravo House in London.

Oksana is now based in England and works in a studio in Kent. This offers her a tranquil environment in which to create her beautiful oils and charcoals.