Parastoo is a representational painter who values expression above impression and decoration above realism. Her highly impressionistic florals are characterised by loose composition and a free and spontaneous style, creating a nostalgic view of the world around us. A textured use of oils adds a lushness to the luminous colour palette, with deep pinks and saffron yellows standing out against a muted background. She describes her work as a happy celebration of life; a carnival of colours and shapes and a feast for eyes.

Each image is painted from an angle that suggests the artist is looking from a raised viewpoint. This way of observing her subjects gives a different approach to what she sees and creates a strong sense of planes and dimensions. Her individual blooms are placed in a three-dimensional form on a flat background, which gives a distinct substance with their shadows and forms a tension between realism and abstraction – an opposition which she deliberately exploits to add drama to her paintings.

Parastoo is the granddaughter of one of the greatest artists in Iran. Her childhood memories of her grandfather's studio and his striking paintings have been a major source of inspiration for her. Thanks to his influence she always knew that she wanted to be an artist and never entertained a moment of doubt that this would be her life's work. She has not ever let a day go by without either painting or planning her next artistic endeavour, and regards art as the single biggest factor in her life.

Parastoo has been living in England since 1977. She received her BA from the University of Decorative Arts in Tehran and studied animation, graphic design and illustration in England. She now lives in a beautiful area of Wiltshire which allows her to pursue her love of nature on a daily basis.

As well as exhibiting in many galleries around the United Kingdom, the USA and Europe, Parastoo has sold her original paintings into private collections all over the world. She is a member of the Society of Floral Painters and the National Acrylic Painters Association.

"I believe that painting is a universal language and I love talking to people through this powerful medium. I like to generate a youthful and vibrant painting to make the fading impressions last forever."