Fine Art Magazine September Edition

Nemo Marieke Bekke 32 Julie Ann Scott 30 34 Carlos Azanedo Anna Razumovskaya 04 Todd White 10 Danielle Akiyama Daniel Mernagh 14 28 24 Colin Banks 20 W E L C O M E T O T H E L A T E S T E D I T I O N O F T H E F I N E A R T P R E V I E W . . . ...which presents our first collection of the autumn season from five outstanding contemporary artists, alongside news, features and a complete what’s on guide. From the exquisite abstracts and florals of Danielle O’Connor Akiyama to the contrasting figurative styles of Todd White and Anna Razumovskaya, there is a real breadth to this month’s portfolio. Taking things in a completely different direction we also have two hypnotic wildlife portraits from Colin Banks, and the last word goes to fabulous rising star Daniel Mernagh, whose striking iconic statements give us a new insight into 21st century popular culture. All of these exclusive limited editions can now be viewed in the gallery. Front Cover: MODERN MUSE, Hand Embellished Paper Edition of 95, 20” x 30”, £695