Zinsky - New Heroes and Villains embellished releases image
Zinsky - New Heroes and Villains embellished releases

These two fabulous embellished editions from iconic contemporary portrait artist Zinsky are a homage to two of DC Comics most venerated figures, Batman and his villainous nemesis, the Joker. As always they demonstrate the artist’s versatility, confidence, skill and a raw talent that is completely natural. In a world where the art of the icon is in such great demand, he brings something new and exciting to this hugely popular genre. Here we see the artist at his atmospheric best. The towering figure of the Dark Knight is captured with unerring accuracy, yet he is painted with an energy and freedom which is unique to Zinsky. His square-jawed stoicism is contrasted with the Joker’s wickedness and wit and both pieces show why he deserves his place at the forefront of iconic art.

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